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Factory Price Circular Polarzed 3D Glasses for Cinema


Cheapest Black Circular Polarized 3D Glasses for 3D Theater HDTV Blu-Ray DVD
2.OEM is available
3.Reach/CE/FCC certification;

Product Features:

•Circular Polarized Glasses;

•Passive Glasses Type, No Battery;

•Almost 40% of 3D glasses are provided by us in China;

•Various size, color and design, Suitable for individual difference;

•Similar with ordinary glasses in structure. Frame is ergonomically curved along face line;

•Thin glass frame allows wider vision. Flexible frame;

•We use best quality films as are used by REALD;

•Lightweight - Small difference in glasses weight gives a significant different level of comfort to consumers;

•Perfectly compatible with PASSIVE Cinema System / Sony 3D Projection Unit / LG 3D TV (Passive Type) / 3D Monitor / 3D Notebook / 3D Projector.


Lens specifications:


•Disposable type - 0.22mm

•Reusable type - 0.37 mm with coating

•Both types can be fit into the same glasses frame

•Home-use type - 0.70 mm


Production capability:


Plastic polarized 3D glasses: 15,000 pcs/day


1. We manufacture and distribute passive 3D glasses using circular polarization filter.

2. We design and develop various 3D glasses to give you the satisfaction of an ultimate 3D viewing experience.

3. Our lightweight and recyclable glasses are perfectly compatible with most 3D cinema system.

4. It works in conjunction with RealD Cinema System, Masterimage Digital 3D Cinema Sys­tem (M2 ver.) And SONY 3D Projection Unit, We can also manufacture any pas­sive polarization glasses for 3D TVs and 3D monitors.

5. The high level of comfort guarantees that people can fully concentrate on their movie.

6. 3D glasses don’t have to be ugly and uncomfortable, We are hoping to prove that 3D eyewear can be comfortable as well as attractive.